If you have work that you would like us to consider exhibiting in the future, or ideas for projects that could be realised in our space, please let us know. We hope to create a platform for as many emerging artists, musicians and creatively talented people as we can.

Any proposals must please be accompanied by a short biography and/or curriculum vitae, a paragraph or two (500 words max.) outlining the work you are proposing to exhibit/perform, and an artist’s statement. Images should ideally be sent as .jpg files not exceeding 2mb, in a .zip file labeled with the artist’s name. Please do not submit more than 10 images. We will do our best to respond, however briefly and at our own discretion, to as many of the applications as we can. Please understand that we are a small team and cannot always reply to every application we receive.

Proposals for events, projects, shows, temporary exhibitions and installations should similarly be accompanied by a detailed outline of the intended project.

Portfolio reviews of print proofs and work in progress can be arranged, and happen on the first Tuesday of the month between 11 a.m and 3 p.m, by appointment only and subject to available time. Studio visits can be arranged by appointment with our curator.